This is our story.
We were made in Lombok, born in June 2010. It was a rocky start.
June 2011, our founder passed away after a long battle with illnesses and as with all family businesses, his son
took over. Under a revitalised leadership, we were back on track and have never looked back since.
June 2014, we turned 4 with a new wing to boot and the island’s longest infinity pool to boast!
December 2015, we opened our cafe, Gula Gila; serving the best coffee and the most unique cakes on the island!


Live the island life king-sized in our garden home.
Take your pick from our 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom & 3-bedroom private pool villas.
Breakfast ‘in bed’ has never been this chill-out and rejuvenating!


The Couple’s Favourite.
Our 1-bedroom private pool villa is perfect for newlyweds and couples who just need a breather from the world. If you want to surprise your loved one with a decorated villa and candlelight dinner by the pool, get more details on our Special Offer page!


The Family-Friendly.
Our 2-bedroom private pool villa is ideal for a family of 4. If you have a newborn in tow, we do have baby cots however subjected to availability. There is also ample of personal space for Moms & Pops to get their ‘alone’ time on top of ‘family’ time!


The One & Only.
Our 3-bedroom private pool villa is just right for big families and private parties of 6-9pax. For intimate garden weddings and al fresco company retreats, this villa can cater up to 100pax. Drop us an email to get a tailored proposal and budget!


Get your own slice of Lombok’s longest infinity pool & a panoramic view of unspoilt nature in our 2-storey resort. A pursuit of the budget traveller’s heart; take your pick from 3 different types of rooms which cater to couples, families and friends!


For couples looking for a short getaway!
Laze in front of the Infinity Pool and leave your city worries behind, just for a weekend. If you want to surprise your loved one with a candlelight dinner by the pool, get more details on our Special Offer page!


For a family of 3 looking for a fuss-free holiday.
Immersing your kids in island life while not tightening the purse strings is every parent’s dream and we got you covered. Take a break from cityscape and disconnect to connect.


For buddies looking to Drop & Go!
Drop bags in the room. Go explore the island pronto. Say goodbye to that nagging feeling of having ‘paid-for-room-and-hardly-use-it’.


We may not have a ballroom but our Cendana Villa more than makes up for that in terms of space and ambience. With the ability to hold up to 100pax, a conducive company retreat or an intimate wedding is very possible. Our garden is your canvas!


We check out places before recommending them to you and plan routes based on location so as to maximise your holiday. Travelling in Lombok takes an average of 1-1.5hrs.

So many places. So little time. Are you ready to see the island?

Download Our Tour List Here


Take things outdoors; out of the corporate world. Hold power talks and bonding sessions amidst fresh air and the sound of rustling leaves from the surrounding trees. Re-engage your team with that personal touch the company so longs for. Beaches are a dime a dozen. Try something different with us!


Thank you for considering us as part of a significant chapter in your story. For partners who want to spring a proposal, fret not, we will help you with the entire surprise.

For the engaged, congratulations! If a garden wedding is what you have in mind, our garden is your canvas. Bring on that wedding theme you love and we will help you bring it to life!